Tennessee's gubernatorial candidates answers to video question 1

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The third week in February, the Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT) sent letters to all the gubernatorial candidates, both the Democratic candidates and the Republican candidates, asking them to participate in our video voter guide. Those candidates included (in alphabetical order): Diane Black, Randy Boyd, Karl Dean, Craig Fitzhugh, Beth Harwell, Bill Lee, and Kay White. Participants who followed our guidelines and answered all 9 questions include Diane Black, Randy Boyd, Bill Lee, and Kay White.

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What do you think is the primary function of civil government?


Diane Black’s answer transcribed from video

I think there are two primary functions. First of all, I think it is to protect our God-given rights. The second one is to make sure that our citizens are safe.


Randy Boyd’s answer transcribed from video

For me, that means protecting the safety and security of our citizens and then working for smaller government, lower taxes, balancing the budget, and protecting constitutional values like the Second Amendment, sanctity of innocent life, and our religious liberties. We must also focus on essential services like a vibrant public education system and a safe, reliable infrastructure.


Bill Lee’s answer transcribed from video

The Founders of our country knew that government was not here to give us our rights. Those come from God. Government was here to secure our rights, rights like the ability to worship freely, religious liberty, the Second Amendment rights to bear arms, or the rights to petition our elected officials. That was a pretty radical thought at the time, because prior to that, no government in Europe had ever said that before, and it really is the genius of our founding. And that’s what limited government is about is to protect the rights and freedoms of a free people so that they can govern themselves.


Kay White’s answer transcribed from video

Well, I believe that our government was originally set up for the people to represent the people, not to hover over the people and make the people become slaves of the government. The government was to be our voice together, and our government has not been that, David.