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Every election year, The Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT) provides citizens of Tennessee with Voter Guides that clearly show where candidates running in contested races for Tennessee House and Tennessee Senate stand on important issues related to life, family, marriage, education, and religious liberty.

Typically, we provide Voter Guides about a month before both the August State Primary Election and the November General Election to help you make an informed vote. In 2018, we also covered the gubernatorial races as well through a video series.

This year, we have a Special Election for TN Senate District 32. This seat was held by Mark Norris, who then took a new role as a Tennessee judge. The Primary is on January 24, 2019, and the General Election for TN Senate District 32 is March 12, 2019.

We do our best to get survey results from all state legislative candidates running in contested races, but we cannot guarantee that all candidates will fill out our survey.

All state House and state Senate candidates running in contested races for either the primary or the general election were emailed or mailed a link to our online candidate voter guide form.

The candidate voter guide form contains survey questions and additional (optional) in-depth essay questions about important issues.

Candidates running in contested races provide their answers online and their answers populate the candidate webpage form without risk of us rekeying answers from paper survey answers erroneously.

Will All Candidates in Contested Races Be Given the Chance to Answer the Voter Guide Survey?

Some candidates running in contested races may not answer the survey. In case you erroneously hear from a candidate that we did not send them a survey, here is how our surveys were handled:

Every candidate running in a contested race on the website got either multiple emails or multiple pieces of written correspondence asking them to complete the survey and providing them the deadline.

Candidates Running in Contested Races Who Have Email Addresses
A search was made of all contested candidate’s public information for an email address. In those instances in which no public email was found on their website or Facebook page, the candidate’s office was contacted and an email address requested.

Each candidate was sent several emails making clear the deadline.

Candidates Running in Contested Races Who Do Not Have Email Addresses
If we were unable to contact the contested candidate’s office for an email address or there was no email address, we mailed the candidate a survey based on the address provided in the petition they filed with the Secretary of State. We mailed them twice and have delivery receipts for the mailing.

What You Will See for Contested Legislative Races

Candidate Pages

All those running in contested primary or general elections were emailed or mailed the link to our electronic survey to fill out. You will see listed any survey answers and/or essay answers on their individual candidate pages.

For those candidates who filled out the survey questions, the response choices were either “support,” “oppose,” or “undecided” for each of the survey questions. For those who did not fill out the survey or any portion of the survey, responses were marked “failed to answer.”

Candidates had the choice of whether they wanted to answer the essay questions or not. If a candidate did answer the essay portion, essay answers appear exactly as the candidate entered it; no edits were made. For those who did not answer the essay portion or any particular essay question, the answer was marked “chose not to answer” for each question.

Candidate Comparison District Pages

Candidate comparison district pages show the voter guide responses in side-by-side chart form, with all candidates running for that district clearly represented with a link back to their individual candidate pages.

How Will Winners in Elections Be Noted?

Once we have the initial results of either the Primary Election or the General Election, we will display the winners on an election results page. Then we will update the Find a Candidate alphabetical listing by noting “winner” next to candidates who won and notate winners on individual candidate pages.

Does Cover Other Races?

We do not currently cover local races for judges, County Commissioner, Mayor, Alderman, school board, etc. We are, however, covering the gubernatorial races. If you have any further questions about our Voter Guides, please visit the Get Help section.